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What I Can Help With  

- Wrong Type.  If you think we got your type off, this form is for you. 

- Type Clarification.  If you are just having trouble seeing or understanding a coin, I can help. 

- Life Path.  I can give you some general advice of what I've seen others do in your situation.  

- Feeling Stuck.  I can break down where your Demons are telling you, "you're not allowed".  

What I CAN'T Help With  

- Depression.  I'm not equipped or qualified to help with deep depression.

- Friendship.  I don't have enough time to have or maintain a long distance friendship.

What To Do

- Do your own processing and narrow down to exactly what you want my opinion on. 

- The better you fill out the form, the more likely I'll be able to help out.  

- Expect to pay $99.  I may charge you less or more depending on my time limitations.

More Details

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Audio From Dave

The standard price is $99 for an audio response from me. 

I'll charge you less if your question is simple and more if you are drama.

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