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Member Support 

1) Class Questions  

If you have questions regarding our material, please use the Thursday Q&A Form.

The more thought through your question is, the more likely we will answer it. 


2) How To Get A Response From Us   

We get a lot of emails, so we prioritize them based on a few factors:

A) Self growth related questions get answered above those who want to discuss or debate type.  

B) Shorter, more clear emails get answered above those who send long, time-consuming emails.  

C) Account related questions or issues are typically answered within 12 hours or less. 

Contact us at:

3) To Manage Your Account Settings, Go Here: Members.

Member Services

1) Video Typing      

You must be a member of the class for at least 90 days to access this service.

Demand is high, and we only accept a small number each month.

So your chances of getting in are small.

2) Phone Calls (DISCONTINUED)

We are currently booked up with calls. 


3) Social Media   

Currently, we only have the website and the YouTube channel DaveSuperPowers.  We currently do not own, host, or are responsible for any public personality group using our name. This includes Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Discords, and all the personality forums, etc.  Our friend Laura Miller put together this Google doc listing out many of the unofficial OPS groups, channels, and resources.   

Our Goals   

1) Scientific Process   

Our primary goal and standard is to use some form of the scientific process to measure and record personality patterns.  Our current system is consistent about 90% of the time. Meaning, when we (Dave & Shan) independently type a person, we get the exact same type out of 512 possible types 9/10 times.  When we are off, it's usually on the Sexuals and middle or last Animals. We then log our results and move onto typing the next person. Our priority is not to "argue" or "prove" type to ourselves or anyone else.  We are confident that if we keep focusing on getting our numbers up, the little errors will work themselves out over time.  So we are "statistically consistent" but this does not "prove type".    


2) Business Plan  

A) Our long term goal is to produce scientific personality profiles within our lifetime.  In order to do this, we need to type at least 100 people per 512 type. Once we have 100+ people typed of a particular 512 type, then we are in a position to write the first version of a data based personality profile on that type.  It's only in the larger data sets that we are able to track things like sexual preference, facial, hair and body structure, health issues, phobias, addictions, disorders, buying patterns, political and religious views, etc. 


Yes, in the long run things like genetics and/or AI can help speed up or automate the actual typing process.  The core of making this all work though is still a dedicated team of people that ultimately have to compile, write, refine, and constantly update the 512 personality profiles.  We know something like this is going to take decades to complete. This is why we first released our information on the internet so we are not bottlenecking it for the next 30 years.  So feel free to take our info and do something with it yourself!     


B) Our 5 year goals (2020-2025) are to build internal systems and hire and train a team of Operators.  That's about it! We are going to be keeping our heads down and be grinding out the first 10 years of building the business foundations.  We have already exceeded our outreach goals. We have more than enough people in our class and watching us on YouTube. We prefer to keep our numbers as small as possible, as long as possible. 


Sorry, that we will be saying "NO" to 99% of the requests we get.  We do not want to be the bottleneck of the videos, website, content, profiles, support, for the long term.  This is why we are putting our priority work on building systems to hire a team of people that do the work needed better than we can.  So yes, the limitations for now suck, but long term this won't have to be just "the Dave & Shan show".      


3) Open Source  

As just one small team, we are going to have many voids, limitations, and blindspots.  As the community grows, it's only natural to have new groups form. We do not see this personality code as "ours", it belongs to everyone.    We want to encourage anyone who sees how they can fill a void we are leaving to freely use our information to start their own research team and/or business. 


Thank you for understanding that we will not be able to give your new startup special attention or privileges.  Whatever we do for one group, we also have to do for all the other groups as well. As a guideline, expect no more than an hour of our time per month.  Also expect our available time to only decrease over time. So set yourself up to win, don't "need" anything from us.  It's your venture, be responsible for it with or without our support. 


Common Concerns


1) Do you share client information publicly?

As a company policy, we never share Video Typing client's Google Docs, videos, audios, emails, or ANY material shared with us for the purpose of typing. But, if you have personally shared your own information publicly on the internet such as a public Facebook group or YouTube interview, we may use your information in a class or share it with other clients to help others better understand their own type.


2) I think you typed me (or this person) wrong!   

Our primary goal is to get the same/type number as each other on a spectrum of 512.  Typing a person is subjective and the only thing we have to appeal to is that we statistically get the same type as each other most of the time.  So feel free to disagree with our methods or results. Thank you for understanding that we are not going to prove, convince, argue, or debate someone's type.  Feel free to let us know by email that you disagree and provide any info you see as relevant, and we will read it. We will make note of it and move on.   


3) I'm offended!   

We have darkness like everyone else, and we are making the choice to not hide it or bottle it up.  We are, and will continue to be, wrong, hurtful, blind, arrogant, hypocritical, annoying, etc. Here are a few of the primary objective goals we attempt  to regulate ourselves over time:


A) Are we making progress on our specific goals?  Each month we are evaluating our numbers and checking to insure we are growing in our priorities.  Many times, people will be upset at us because they think "Issue X" is a goal of ours when it is not.  Again, sorry we are assholes, but there is a good chance that whatever you are upset about is not a priority of ours.  Especially if you have vocalized it many times and we keep giving you the "fuck off" message. 


B) Is 80% of the community at least moderately happy?  We are measuring the thousands of people we have on YouTube, plus the hundreds of people we have in the class.  Again, we may be off (and oftentimes are) but one thing we check is the overall big picture of the whole tribe. Many times an individual or small group will be very upset and then try and leverage their point of view to speak for the whole community.  


C) Are you a "hijacker"?    

We have many areas that need to improve.  Some we are aware of, some we are not. We are open to suggestions by anyone and will read and consider them.  After that, it is our responsibility and choice to act on it how we see fit. The people that have "really important suggestions" that we "must listen to right now" or else they are going to cause drama, we consider hijackers.  If we have 10 or more email back and forths with you on the same subject, we will finally ignore you.  


4) How do you objectively type?  

This is how we built up the skills over many years to objectively type:


A) Get to know the definitions of all the "coins".  We found most people learn all the definitions just fine by watching our class videos for a couple months.  So learning all the terms is the easy part.


B) Take the time to practice and see the Savior and Demon state of each coin.  This is where most people have a hard time. They tend to track people's "words" or "abilities" and not track the state.  


C) Use crosschecks.  Break each part into as many small parts as you can.  Then use the other coins to try and "catch" or "disprove" your current observation.  We demonstrate this each Tuesday in our class.  We use repetition to learn this.   


D) Only put down what you can prove.  The hot-shots like to run in and try and type all the way to 512 in the first few months.  The ones that are getting this are the ones who go slow and respect the process. If you are only seeing a few coins on a person, just put that down and say you don't know on the rest. 


E) Track your numbers.  If you are comparing your results against our results in the class each week, keep those records on a Google doc.  Once you have at least 10 people you can see what your current statistical average is. It should be very low (agreeing with our type less than 40% of the time is likely).   


F) Contact us for specific help.  If you are logging your own progress each week, your numbers will reveal to you what you need to work on next.  Feel free to email us your log so we can see your data and ask for any specific help. 


G) Be realistic.  If you can be getting 60% consistency on a few coins, in the first year, you are way ahead.  Most people will not have the ability to objectively type above the 60% mark. So take on this task at your own responsibility and risk.