Asia Kate Dillon

Class 192, MM, Ne, Fe, ENTP, Play

Sissy Syndrome (Fem Demons)

Q&A 191a, Sexual, Letters, Functions

LGBTQ: Processing the challenge of all the different, unique pronouns

Q&A 191b, labels, Equality

What are ISFPs going through?

Q&A 191c, Fi, INFP, Demon Te, Donald, Glover, Instagram

Typing Donald Glover ISFP

Q&A 191d, IxxP, Fi, Se

Donald Glover

Class 191, MF, Fi, Se, ISFP, Consume

Nick ISTP, handled tribe drama like a boss!

Q&A 190a, Growth, Mindset, Balanced

Letting others lead for self growth

Q&A 190b, Hierarchies, Person A, Person B, Alpha

Dying Cat Syndrome (Downward Spiral)

Q&A 190c, Hierarchies, Self, Promise, Habits

Typing Sean Combs INTJ

Q&A 190d, IxxJ, Ni, Te

Sean Combs

Class 190, MF, Ni, Te, INTJ, Blast

How do I process that everyone is not real?

Q&A 189a, Ego Death, Self Growth, Existential

Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin?

Q&A 189b, Finances, Investing, NFT

What the hell is an NFT?

Q&A 189c, Finances, Investing, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency

Typing Nate Feuerstein ISTP

Q&A 189d, IxxP, Ti, Se

Nate Feuerstein

Class 189, MF, Ti, Se, ISTP, Consume

Mark Zuckerberg vs ENTJ

Q&A 188a, IxxP, tidalwave, Ti, facebook

Processing the Oi/Oe coin PT1

Q&A 188b, Observers, Typing, Checklist

Processing the Oi/Oe coin PT2

Q&A 188c, Observers, Typing, Checklist

Typing Ten Hundred ENFP

Q&A 188d, ExxP, Ne, Fi

Ten Hundred

Class 188, FF, Ne, Fi, ENFP, Consume

Video Typing: You're not special

Q&A 187a, Self, Growth, Prepare, Process

Humans can't see self

Q&A 187b, Cognitive, Dissonance, Anecdotes

The 9 Coins (Ok, my final guess)

Q&A 187c, Typing, Checklist

Typing Gino Wickman INTP

Q&A 187d, IxxP, Ti, Ne

Gino Wickman

Class 187, MF, Ti, Ne, INTP, Consume

New Typing Tool Checklist (V1)

Q&A 186a, Typing, Tool, Checklist

What Masculine De is doing

Q&A 186b, Masculine, De

Where do your Masculine Letters land?

Q&A 186c, Masculine, Fight, Hulk, Sissy

Typing Evander Holyfield ESTP

Q&A 186d, ExxP, Se, Ti

Evander Holyfield

Class 186, MM, Se, Ti, ESTP, Consume

Processing Consume Last

Q&A 185a, Animals, Blast, Energy, Dominant

Automatic Talking vs Flow State

Q&A 185b, Typing

ENTPs and their damn "LABELS"

Q&A 185c, Observer, Ne, Si, Demons

Typing Michelle Thaller ENTP

Q&A 185d, ExxP, Ne, Ti

Michelle Thaller

Class 185, FF, Ne, Ti, ENTP, Consume

Britney Spears PT1

Q&A 184a, ExxP, Anxiety, Control

Britney Spears PT2

Q&A 184b, ExxP, Anxiety, Control

Shan processing letting go of negativity

Q&A 184c, ENTJ, Te, Fi, ExxJ, Feelings, Darkness

Typing Dave Ramsey ENTJ

Q&A 184d, ExxJ, Te, Se