Processing Consume Last

Q&A 184a, Animals, Blast, Energy, Dominant

Automatic Talking vs Flow State

Q&A 184b, Typing

ENTPs and their damn "LABELS"

Q&A 184c, Observer, Ne, Si, Demons

Typing Michelle Thaller ENTP

Q&A 184d, ExxP, Ne, Ti

Michelle Thaller

Class 185, FF, Ne, Ti, ENTP, Consume

Britney Spears PT1

Q&A 184a, ExxP, Anxiety, Control

Britney Spears PT2

Q&A 184b, ExxP, Anxiety, Control

Shan processing letting go of negativity

Q&A 184c, ENTJ, Te, Fi, ExxJ, Feelings, Darkness

Typing Dave Ramsey ENTJ

Q&A 184d, ExxJ, Te, Se

Dave Ramsey

Class 184, MF, Te, Se, ENTJ, Play

Will & Jada Smith, Hero's Journey PT1

Q&A 183a, Relationships, Unconditional, Love

Will & Jada Smith, Hero's Journey PT2

Q&A 183b, Relationships, Unconditional, Love

Getting out of "DEBT"

Q&A 183c, Hope, Finances, Self, Growth

Typing Cher INFP

Q&A 183d, IxxP, Fi, Ne


Class 183, FM, Fi, Ne, INFP, Consume

ExxJs hiding alone in the forest

Q&A 182a, ExxJ, De, Fe, Te

Picking good videos for typing (Ruth Burks ESFJ)

Q&A 182b, Fe, De, ExxJ

ESFJs, what are they trying to do?

Q&A 182c, Fe, Ti, Decider, ExxJ

Typing Elijah Wood INTP

Q&A 182d, IxxP, Ti, Si

Elijah Wood

Class 182, MF, Ti, Si, INTP, Sleep

Dave Letterman & Arnold Schwarzenegger

Q&A 181a, FM, Te, Se, Cigars, Elijah, Oe, Oi

Typing checklist update Pt1

Q&A 181b, Checklist, Functions

Typing checklist update Pt2

Q&A 181c, Checklist, Functions

Typing Billie Eilish ISTP

Q&A 181d, IxxP, Ti, Se

Billie Eilish

Class 181, MM, Ti, Se, ISTP, Consume

Ni Alpha state

Q&A 180a, INFJ, INTJ, Self, Growth

Consume: Random about me

Q&A 180b, Rainn, Wilson, Billie, Ne, ENFP

Moving forward after existential awakening?

Q&A 180c, Paper, Bag, Self, Growth

Typing Daniel Radcliff ENFP

Q&A 180d, ExxP, Ne, Fi

Daniel Radcliff

Class 180, FF, Ne, Fi, ENFP, Consume

Fe from a Ti's perspective

Q&A 179a, Vibe, Frequency, Feelings

Avoiding confrontation and creating a hijack

Q&A 179b, Daniel Radcliff, Pain, Self, Growth

Fear is a motivator so fear the right fear

Q&A 179c, Self, Growth

Typing Evy ESFP

Q&A 179d, ExxP, Se, Te

Evy Poumpouras

Class 179, FF, Se, Te, ESFP, Play

Processing Demon Ne

Q&A 178a, ISFJ, ISTJ, Si, Self, Growth

Our current personal parenting priorities

Q&A 178b, Kids

Oi's that constantly change the channel

Q&A 178c, Control, Same

Typing Martha INFJ

Q&A 178d, IxxJ, Ni, Ti

Martha Beck

Class 178, FF, Ni, Ti, INFJ, Sleep