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Personality Types: The Racist Gene

Q&A 269.2, Tribalism, Inequality

Trans Surgeries for Kids?

Q&A 269.1, Transgender, LGBTQ+


Class 269, MM, Te, Si, ESTJ, Blast

King of Jungle: #1 vs #2

Q&A 268.2, Tony, Gary, Alpha

Jessica Watkins: Sensor-last, #3?

Q&A 268.1, Intuition, Ne, Te, ENFP, ExxP

Ava DuVernay

Class 268, MM, Se, Te, Play, ExxP, ESFP

Two Videos on Thursday (Updates)

Q&A 267.4, Personal, Update

Socials: #1 Ego / Flexing Deep Dive (5/5)

Q&A 267.3, Social, Types, Growth

ENTJ Joe Rogan: Just Do The Work

Q&A 267.2, MM, Te, Se, ExxJ, Play, #4

ENFP Rick Rubin: Te vs Ti

Q&A 267.1, MF, Ne, Fi, ExxP, Consume

Lil Wayne

Class 267, MF, Fi, Ni, Sleep, ISFP, IxxP

New Website Walkthrough!

Q&A 266.5, Personal, Update

Socials: #2 Responsibility Deep Dive (4/5)

Q&A 266.4, Social, Types, Growth

Te/Se Kristen Stewart: Shani?

Q&A 266.3, FM, ExxJ, ENTJ, Play

Ti/Si Prince Harry (1/2)

Q&A 266.2, MF, IxxP, INTP, Sleep

Stages of Grief: Prince Harry (2/2)

Q&A 266.1, MF, Ti, Si, IxxP, INTP, Sleep

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Class 266, FF, Fi, Si, INFP, Sleep

Socials: #3 Specializing Deep Dive (3/5)

Q&A 265.4, Social, Types, Growth

ESFJ Paula Deen: Just a Dab of Racism

Q&A 265.3, ExxJ, Sensor, Feeling, Decider

CNN Don: Bad Person?

Q&A 265.2, Decider, Politics

Jimmy Carter: #4s at the Top

Q&A 265.1, Social, Hierarchy

Patrick Stewart

Class 265, FF, Ne, Te, Play, ENFP, ExxP

Socials: #4 Friends Deep Dive (2/5)

Q&A 264.4, Social, Types, Growth

ESFP Ron DeSantis: Find Your Fight!

Q&A 264.3, MM, Se, Fi, ExxP, Consume, #1

INTJ Woody Harrelson: More Conspiracies

Q&A 264.2, MM, Ni, Te, IxxJ, Blast, #3

ISTJ Lilsimsie: What is Fem-Si?

Q&A 264.1, FF, Si, Fi, IxxJ, Sleep

Christine Baranski

Class 264, FF, Te, Se, ENTJ, ExxJ, Play, #2

Socials Overview (1/5)

Q&A 263.4, Social, Types, Growth

Satya Nadella: Microsoft CEO (1/2)

Q&A 263.3, Business, Alpha, Social, Growth

Satya Nadella: Go On The Offense! (2/2)

Q&A 263.2, Business, Alpha, Social, Growth

INFP Jennifer Coolidge

Q&A 263.1, Sleep, Blast, IxxP, Decider

John Travolta

Class 263, FF, Te, Ni, ExxJ, ENTJ, Blast

Brendan Fraser: Fighting Back In Life

Q&A 262.4, FF, Ne, Fe, ENTP, Play, #4

Jennette McCurdy: Death of the Parent

Q&A 262.3, FF, Te, Ne, ESTJ, Play

Sharon Horgan: Parent & Child Relationships

Q&A 262.2, FF, Se, Fe, ESTP, Play

Processing the Typing Procedure

Q&A 262.1, Typing, Science, Systems, Community

Paul Ekman

Class 262, MM, Te, Si, ExxJ, ESTJ, Blast, #3

Fe/Se Steven Bartlett: When to Quit

Q&A 261.4, MF, Fe, Se, ExxJ, Play

Gary Vee is #1!

Q&A 261.3, MM, Fe, Se, ExxJ, Play

Kendrick Lamar: Catching Oi

Q&A 261.2, Oe, Observer, Typing, Procedure






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