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Ronaldo: What Makes a Good Typing Video?

Q&A 253.4, Procedures, Community, Sleep

LGBTQ Persecution... Not the Only Challenge

Q&A 253.3, LGBTQ, Growth, Observers, Coming Out

Woke Culture and Social Media

Q&A 253.2, Hero, Journey, Growth, Happiness, IxxJ

New Mom and Women's Rite of Passage

Q&A 253.1, Hero, Journey, Growth, Se, Fi, ExxP

Meghan Trainor

Class 253, MF, Fe, Ni, ENFJ, Blast

ENFJ Hugh Jackman: Feminine Males Confusion

Q&A 252.4, MF, Fe, Se, ENFJ, Play

ESTP Bedros Keuilian: Study the Tribe Goddamnit!

Q&A 252.3, MM, Se, Ti, ESTP, Consume

Nick Cannon: Identity > Persona

Q&A 252.2, Oe, NF, Ne, Extrovert, Hero

Homelessness and the Illuminati

Q&A 252.1, Observer, Growth, Fears, Ni, Sleep

Yannis Pappas

Class 252, MF, Ne, Ti, ENTP, Consume

ENFJ Nancy Pelosi: Mission Above Self

Q&A 251.4, FF, Fe, Se, ENFJ, Play

ENFP Steve Bannon: Rushing the Chess Board

Q&A 251.3, MF, Ne, Fi, ENFP, Consume

Sean Astin's an INFJ and you're not

Q&A 251.2, MF, Ni, Fe, Blast

ESTP Cillian Murphy: Skibs vs Mopes

Q&A 251.1, FF, Se, Ti, ESTP, Consume

Rana Kaliouby

Class 251, FF, Se, Fi, ESFP, Consume

Miley Cyrus: Double Masculine Struggles

Q&A 250.4, MM, Sensory, Intuition, S, N, Observer

Anne Wojcicki: 23&Me & the Missing Info

Q&A 250.3, Sensory, Intuition, S, N, Observer

Dave Chappelle: Ni Triggered by Sensory

Q&A 250.2, FF, Ni, Te, INTJ, Blast

What Every 25 Year Old Needs to Know

Q&A 250.1, Growth, Adult, Hero, Journey, Tribe

Minnie Driver

Class 250, FF, Fe, Se, ENFJ, Play

ENTP Mark Rober: How Does Intuition Work?

Q&A 249.4, MF, Ne, Ti, ENTP, Consume

Demon Ne and Intrusive Thoughts?

Q&A 249.3, Ni, Science, Data, Patterns

Boffy: Prioritizing Self Growth

Q&A 249.2, Hero, Journey, Consume, Sleep, ExxP

ESFP Kristen Bell: How to own a plan?

Q&A 249.1, ExxP, Se, Consume

Serena Williams

Class 249, MM, Se, Fe, ESTP, Play

Climate Activists 1/2 : Hijackers in Action

Q&A 248.4, IxxJ, Masculine, Feminine, Te, ExxJ, Drama

Climate Activists 2/2: When is Mas-Te the right Tool?

Q&A 248.3, IxxJ, Masculine, Feminine, Hijacker, Drama

Steve-O: Hero's Journey and Seeing Ghosts

Q&A 248.2, FF, Se, Te, ESFP, Play

Donald Hoffman: Courage, the Antidote to Existentialism

Q&A 248.1, FF, Ti, Si, INTP, Sleep

Susan Wojcicki

Class 248, MF, Ti, Ne, INTP, Consume

Video Typing FAQ

Q&A 247.4, Typing, Checklist, Community

Paul Reubens = Alan Cumming?

Q&A 247.3, FF, Ti, Ne, INTP, Consume

Kanye West: An Example of Extreme Subjectivism

Q&A 247.2, FF, Ni, Te, INTJ, Blast

Jared Kushner: Politician Speak

Q&A 247.1, INFJ, Fe, Ti, Ni

Alan Cumming

Class 247, FF, Ti, Ne, INTP, Consume

Mr Beast's Exponential Growth

Q&A 246a, FF, Ne, Fi, ENFP, Consume

Brad Pitt and Bad Emotions

Q&A 246b, MF, Se, Fi, ESFP, Consume

Bam Margera: Stuck in the Hero's Journey

Q&A 246c, MM, Se, Ti, ESTP, Consume

Magnus Carlsen NOT INTJ?

Q&A 246d, MF, Fi, Se, ISFP, Consume

Idina Menzel

Class 246, FF, Te, Ne, ESTJ, Play










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