- You must be a member of the class for at least 90 consecutive days to access this service. 

- You must be 18 years of age or older to sign up for this service.

Your Video   

- Send your videos as YouTube Unlisted Links only (NO other formats: Google Drive, downloads, etc). 

- Send us preferably 60-90 minutes of footage (no less than 45 minutes).  

- If we cannot clearly hear or see you, your video will be denied.

- You must provide your video links at the time of purchase.

Service Provided    

- Just an email from us including our best guesses of the coins we see. 

- We may or may not be able to see all the way to your 512 type.

Not Included   

- Proving your type to you is not included.   

- Email and/or phone support is not included.  

- Documents of your personality profile are not included.   

- Audios and/or videos from Dave and Shan are not included. 

Typing a Friend or Family Member  

- The reason we make people wait a few months for video typing is so that they have time to build their OWN UNDERSTANDING of OPS.  Having your friend "jump ahead" because you are way into OPS and "you have to know what type your friend/spouse is", usually does not end well...  If your friend really wants to know their OPS type for themselves, let them fight for it like everyone else.​



- Do not have another person in the room with you while on video.

- You can not sign up on behalf of a friend or family member.  

- You can not sign up if you have already been on a call or been typed by Dave or Shan.

- If you sign up for this typing service, you can not sign up for any future OPS typing services. 

- If we have a hard time understanding you for any reason, your video will be rejected.



- We are not responsible for your mental well-being if you are upset by the results of your typing.

- We are not responsible for you accepting or understanding our material.  

- We are not responsible to "convince you" of a type in any way.   

- You are paying for our time, observations, and opinions, that's it. 



- We are not doctors or medical professionals of any kind.  

- You are paying to receive our personal opinions and advice.  

- We are not held liable or responsible for any results or lack of results.

- By using our website and/or services you are agreeing to our Terms and Policies.



- We understand that what you are sharing in your video is very personal information.  

- We will not share your personal information or video with the public. 

- If you go on a public interview sharing your typing results, we may use and share that video publicly.


- Please allow 24 hours for us to email you back with your scheduled typing response date.


- We encourage unhappy people to please leave the class. 

- We encourage others to start their own personality community and fill the voids we are leaving.

- If you are growing unhappy with the direction we are going, email us and request a full refund.

Video Questions

As you are answering these questions below, random tangents will come to mind.  We are looking mostly for those tangents. So feel free to ramble on some questions and completely skip others.  Our goal here is to get to know the real you.

1) What is your average day/week like?  

    (Wake up time, school, work, friends, family drama, interests, etc.)


2) Tell us about one of the most stressful times in your life?


3) What are some problems you see with the world?

4) Tell us about one of the best times of your life?


5) What is the biggest challenge in your life right now?  

    (The point here is to get you talking about what you really care about.)


6) What would your ideal life look like 10 years from now?

You Got Me Wrong Typing

Did you type me way too fast!   YES.


Did you watch all 8 hours of my footage?   NO. 


Did you get to know the REAL me?   NO.   


Did you visual type me?   SURE.

Currently Closed

Current price:   $49

We have reached the maximum number of clients for this month.

The Video Typing service reopens at exactly 10:00am PT October 1, 2022.